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From light jets to cities in space

To fulfil your every need when it comes to space travel, we offer an extensive range of interplanetary and interstellar spacecraft.

Spaceship Technology

How it all works

If you want to know what makes our spaceships run, have a look at the main technologies used in Starfleet Inc. ships.

Environmental Consciousness

The stars are ours but this planet is our home

Learn about Starfleet's commitment to protecting the environment and what we do for our planet.


With Starfleet Inc. the sky is not the limit. As the leading supplier of commercial spaceship technology in the world and (as far as we know) in the galaxy, we leave no stone unturned to fulfil your every need when it comes to space travel.

Whether you want to run your own interstellar spaceline, go into off-world mining, hire a contractor for your off-world logistics or just want to take a holiday on a space station or another planet, Starfleet Inc. has what you need.


Colonizing Expedition to 55 Cancri launched

Starfleet launches a colonizing expedition to the planetary system 55 Cancri to construct a Gaia class space station there.


Next Generation Alcubierre Drive Prototype

The SF-AD Mark5 is a new milestone in propulsion technology and will be built into all new Zeus and Hyperion class starships from as early as 2012.


First Space-Based Solar Power System Begins Operation

"Prometheus 1" is a satellite collecting solar energy in its 78.5 kmĀ² photovoltaic array and transferring it to earth with a microwave beam.

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